Toptail Mulan (Mulan)


FCI/TWN/CH.Toptail Quake's Hammer BISS Grand AM/CAN/TWN/CH. Casbar's Distinguished Gentleman Rn Multi BIS/BISS AMBER/CAN/CH. Casbar's Hart to Hart
Ridge View Razzle Dazzle
Bronze Grand AM/CH.Toptail 's Cuckoo
AM/FCI/TWN/BRAZIL/Brazil Gr/CH.Dicroft Quaterback Star
TWN/CH.Toptail 'S Winkle

●APSC/TWN/CH.Toptail Ground Circle

●MBISS Silver Grand AM/FCI/TWN/CH Thornwood's Dressed To Thrill CH.Thornwood's Resolution
●CH.Thornwood's Singular Sensation
FCI/TWN/CH.Toptail 's Young Gun AM/CH.Simerdown's Polaris OFA Good, Elbows Normal, OptiGen A1, CERF 2008
AM/CH.Pleasurethyme's Morning Glory


台灣參賽部分in Taiwan
日期Date 犬協Club 犬展名稱The name od show 賞歷Award 審查員Judge 備註PS


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