AM/CH.Pleasurethyme’S Morning Glory II

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DOB 2004
Sex Female
Chip# 106 609 348
Regritration USA-AKC SR 17961211
TWN-KCT LR 00027/08
Hips Excellent by OFA
Elbows Normal by OFA
Eyes Clear by CERF


AM/CH.Lobuff Eagle Has Landed At Chucklebrook
AKC SN 91419802

AM/CH. Boradors By George
AKC SN62112701
AM/CH.Lenches Gallivant
AM/CH.Deer Runs Sweet Carmel Cream
AM/CH.Lobuff's Turtle Dove
AKC SN 60878902
AM/CH. Hirsipirtin Turtle Atlobuff
AKC SN 42353001
AM/CH.Curlee Hill Lobuff Seeonee
AKC SN 04097402
Pleasurethyme's Pj
AKC SN 56542703
AM/CH.Simerdown's Borador Regent
AKC SF 857748
AM/CH.Curlee Hill Lobuff Seeonee
AKC SN 04097402
Boradors Edgewater Harlow
AKC SD 655560
●Pleasurethyme Patton Leather
AKC SN 39365102
AM/CH.Simerdown's Woodrow
AKC SN 21820203
●Simerdown’S Joint Venture
AKC SN 21607202



日期 犬協 犬展名稱 賞歷 審查員 附註
2005.10.28 美國AKC Labrador Retriever Club Of Potomac American Bred-1st Mr.Jeff Gikmore specialty
2006.05.27 美國AKC Langley Kennel Club WB、BOS AKC- Mrs.Anne D.Bolus (112 Entries)(over special),1point
2006.06.03 美國AKC Charlottesville -Albemarle Kennel Club.Inc RWB AKC- Dr.Klaus Anselm -
2006.06.04 美國AKC Charlottesville -Albemarle Kennel Club.Inc WB AKC- Mrs.Mary Ann Alston 2points
2006.08.11 美國AKC Penn Ridge KC WB

AKC-Mr.Peter A Baynes

2006.08.12 美國AKC Penn Ridge KC WB、BOW AKC-Mr.thomas H Bradley 3points
2006.09.03 美國AKC Mid-Coast KC of Maine WB、BOW

AKC-Mr.Frank J.Washabaugh

2006.09.15 美國AKC South Shore Kennel Club WB、BOW AKC- Mrs.Cheryl A. Lent 2points
2006.09.28 美國AKC Elmira KC WB、BOW AKC-Mrs.Jo Ann Colvin 4points

2007.09.29 美國AKC Labrador Retriever Club of Greater Denver Specialty JAM AKC-Mis.Susan Willumsen Willcare Labradors

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