TWN/CH.Toptail Iron Man  (Iron)
11(NOV) .26.2013



FCI/TWN/CH.Lacote the Music Maker

MBISS/MBIS/AM/CAN/CH. Chablais John Kaffe CAN/CH. Chablais Momento
BISS/CH.Chablais MiouMiou
Croftsway Blackberry Blackthorn Devonshire DBL 07 
NZ/CH.Croftsway Oprah The Star
Woh Woh Arale At Toptail

FCI/AM/CAN/TWN/Ch.Lobuff Crossfire A Few Good Man AM/CAN/CH.Lobuff Hollyridge The Aviator
CH.Crossfire A Winters Tail
 Lavender Hills Jp Selene At Toptail ●JKC/CH.Blackjack Of Ck Beck
Int'l/CH.Lavender Hills Jp Lady Louisa


台灣參賽部分in Taiwan
日期Date 犬協Club 犬展名稱The name of show 賞歷Award 審查員Judge 備註PS
2015.04.26 FCI Asia-Pacific Section Dog Show (CACIB) WD,R-BOB JKC-Ms.Kakuko Sasa 1CC,1Major,1CACIB
2015.07.12 KCT Taoyuang International Dog Show (CAC) BOB.G3 MKA-Mr.Chan Weng Woh 1CC,1Majr
2015.10.10 KCT Taoyuang International Dog Show (CAC) R-BOB CKC-Ms.Carol Graham 1CC
2015.10.11 KCT Taoyuang International Dog Show (CAC) R-BOB KKF-Mr.Sae-Hyum An 1CC


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