BISS/BOSS/NAT/JKC/TWN/CH.Wiscoy Hero At Toptail
Hero is Top 1 male Labs for 2007 in Japan (DSJ system)

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DOB AUG.24,2005~NOV.24,2008
Sex Male
Chip# 47126622A4B
Regritration USA-AKC-SR29091801
DNA-JKC: JP011258/07
Hips Excellent by OFA
Elbows Normal by OFA
Eyes Clear by CERF


●AM/CH.Wiscoys Robin
Hips OFA Excellent ,Elbows OFA Norma,
Eyes CERF 2005, Optigen A1,Full Dentition
●BISS/AM/CH. Weathertop   El Nino
Hips OFA Good/Elbows Clear
●AM/CAN/DUT/CH.Beechcrofts Regal Air
●AM/CH.Beechcroft Weathertop Wind
Wiscoys Irish Lace At Brimar
Hips OFA Excellent/Elbows Clear
●BISS/AM/CAN/CH. Wiscoys Noah
CAN/CH.Chablais Make A Wish At Wiscoy
●AM/CH. Wiscoys Once Upon A Rose
Hips OFA Good,Elbows OFA Clear,Eyes Clear

●BISS/AM/CH. Dickendall Arnold ●AM/CH. Dickendall Ruffy
Dickendall A-HA
●BISS/AM/CH.Wiscoys Say Goodnight Gracie ●BISS/AM/CAN/CH.Linrays Over The Top
●CAN/CH.Wiscoys Skyes T'limit

Awards USA
Date Club The name of show Award Judge PS
02.04,2006 IABCA Hutto,TX international Dog Show,Day1 Best Puppy AKC- Mrs.Terry Berrion,USA  
02.04,2006 IABCA Hutto,TX international Dog Show,Day2 Best Puppy Mr.Bud Haverstock,Canada  
02.05,2006 IABCA Hutto,TX international Dog Show,Day3 V1、Group2 AKC-Mr.Alberto Berrious,USA  
02.05,2006 IABCA Hutto,TX international Dog Show,Day4 V1、Group2 IABCA-Dr.Steve Keating,USA National New  Champion
04.09,2006 AKC Dallas-Ft.Worth LRC Specialty 2nd,6-9month KC-Ms.Diana Beckett,UK Kimvalley Labradors
05.13,2006 AKC Denton KC Dog Show,Day1 1st,6-9month AKC-Mrs.Gloria L Mitcham-Geringer ,USA  
05.14,2006 AKC Denton KC Dog Show,Day2 1st,6-9month AKC-Mr.Skip Herendeen ,USA Taiwan
11.19,2006 FCI/KCT Tainan International Dog show BOB、Group2 ANKC-Mr.Michael Hollobone 1CC
01.07.2007 FCI/KCT Taichung  International Dog show WD FCM-Dr.Francisco Chapa 1CC
02.04.2007 FCI/KCT Taichung  International Dog show WD AKC-Mrs.Ann D.Hearn 1CC
05.13.2007 FCI/KCT Taichung  International Dog show WD ANKC-Mr.John Sheppard Japan
09.17,2007 JKC JKC Osaka All Breeds show WD、BOB、Group3 JKC-Mr.Ryoichi Kawakita major cc(over special)
09.22,2007 JKC Oita Breeders Dog  Club WD、BOB、Group3 JKC-Katsushi Fukunaga major cc(over special)
09.23,2007 JKC Kumamoto Top Direction Dog Club BOB
JKC-J. Tsumatori
JKC-Atsushi Kimura
major cc(over special)
09.29,2007 JKC North Kyushu Kogura South Dog Club Dog Show WD、BOB、Group3 JKC-Shinichi Ohara 1CC、
09.30,2007 JKC North Kyushu Returns Dog Club Dog Show WD、BOB、Group3 JKC-Mr.Kazumasa Igarashi major cc
10.06,2007 JKC Hyogo Fuku Chiyama All Breed Club WD、BOB、Group3 JKC-Kunio Hiyoshi  
10.07,2007 JKC East Fukuoka All Breed Show WD、BOB、Group3 JKC-Shioji Kimura  
10.08.2007 JKC Fukuoka Amaki Asakura Dog Club WD、BOB、Group3 JKC-Yulio Mori  
10.14.2007 JKC Hyogo Partners Dog Club WD、BOB、Group3 AKC-Richard McCoy CD1 Taiwan
05.11,2008 KCT Taichung International Dog show BOB、Group2 JKC-Mr.Nobutaka Nakamura CACIB
08.03,2008 KCT FCI Taiwan Olympic Lab Specialty International BOSS JCK-Ms. Kakuko Sasa  
08.24,2008 KCT Miao Li International Dog show BOB、Group2 PCCI-Robert Dawson CACIB



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