TWN/CH.Toptail Dragon Rider (Mr.Q)




●MBISS Silver Grand AM/FCI/TWN/CH Thornwood's Dressed To Thrill

CH.Thornwood's Resolution Mallorn's Arcturus
Thornwood's Truffle In Paradise
●CH.Thornwood's Singular Sensation ●CH.Dickendall Davaron Gable
Thornwood's Delight

●TWN/CH.Toptail 's Theia

●BISS/AM/CAN/CH.Sunrise Windfall's Tailor ●BISS/CH.Withara's Brodies Souvenir,WC
●CH. Windfall's Stormy Sunrise at Banner,CGC
CPA/TWN/CH.Toptail's Cotton Candy ●BISS/FCI/TWN/JKC/CPA/ CH.Copperstill Set The Pace
●AM/CAN/INTL/CH.Avalon's The Devil Went Down To Ga


台灣參賽部分in Taiwan
日期Date 犬協Club 犬展名稱The name of show 賞歷Award 審查員Judge 備註PS
2015.02.08   KCT Taichung International Dog Show(CAC) BOB、G2 Phillipine PCCI Mr.Simon Sim  1CC
FCI Taichung International Dog Show(CACIB) BOB、G2 Chili KCC Mr.Patrico Muza Podest 1CC.1CACIB.1major 
2015.03.15  KCT Kaohaiung International Dog show(CAC) BOB、G2 MKA-Mr.Derrick Seow  1CC
FCI Kaohaiung International Dog show(CACIB) BOB、G1 ANKC-Mrs.Dianne Besoff 1CC.1CACIB 1major

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